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It is not easy to reach mainland hospitals from Arran, especially if you are worried, tired or feeling unwell. Our drivers will meet you at Ardrossan, take you in a comfortable car to the hospital where you have your appointment, wait there or come back for you, and take you back to the ferry.

Transport can also be arranged on Arran to and from the ferry terminal. Sometimes patients need to take their own car, along with a companion for support, and we can arrange reimbursements, with prior arrangemens. 

Telephone on 01770 820600 to access this service. Leave a message on the answerphone if there is no reply and your call will be returned promptly.


Are you self employed, a seasonal worker, or just worried about the cost of ferry travel for hospital appointments especially for a sustained course of treatment?

Ferry Travel Warrants can be collected from Doctor's surgeries for patients travelling to a cancer related appointment and for a companion. There is no age limit on this facility and no need to present a Ferry Pass. The Warrant is exchanged for a ferry ticket at the Calmac office. This service, as with all ArCaS services, is free and confidential.

Ask your GP for an ArCaS Ferry Travel Warrant or contact our nurse, 01770 601052 (messages can be left on voicemail).


A counselling service arranged through ArCaS is also available to help you manage your condition.

Please call Jan Attkins on 01770 302546 to find out how we can help you.


We know that undergoing treatment for cancer can be very disruptive for the patient and their family.

ArCaS can support you after your conventional treatment has ended  by linking you into a network of therapists on Arran who offer wellbeing support services including  reflexology, Reiki and aromatherapy amongst others. It's also possible to arrange manicure and pedicure services.

Various options are available so please call Jan Attkins on 01770 302546 to find out how we can help you.


This part-time role within the NHS is funded by ArCaS. It has been set up to improve the experience for people on Arran – that is those with cancer and/or those who are affected by cancer.

We are aware that everyone is different and our nurse, Cassie, is available to help answer any queries or help with any arrangements.

As well as seeing individuals and working alongside the health and social care team, the aim of this role is to work towards a sustainable service for Arran residents, that is in the best interests of those affected.

If you think Cassie can be of help, you or a friend or relative can contact her directly by phone or email:,or through any other social or health care professional.

We would also be pleased to know what has worked for you, or someone you know; what challenges you have faced and what you would like to see done differently. If you have ideas and/or are willing to share your story – please contact Cassie on 01770 601052 (messages can be left on voicemail). 

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